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Directories of Groups, Clubs and Events – Caryl’s page, BDSM groups in various countries – Upcoming events, Fetlife – Places and regional groups, Fetlife – USA sorted by states – USA and various other countries – Groups, munches and events in the UK – Various countries – Leather clubs, various countries – BDSM groups in Germany – Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and – Kink for All, ad-hoc informational unconferences about the intersection of sexuality with the rest of life – BDSM events – Australia – Australia – Australia – London Fetish Scene – Cambridge Kink, UK. Social gatherings for adults of all sexualities within the BDSM community

Human Rights and Activism Groups – Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Sexual Health and Sexual Rights – Declaration of Sexual Rights, World Association for Sexology – Revise F65 – Backlash – The Spanner Trust – The Sexual Freedom Coalition – BDSM Rights – Consenting Adult Action Network – National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (US) – Unfettered. BDSM rights – Consent Counts, working to decriminalize consensual BDSM – The Woodhull Freedom Foundation – International Lesbian and Gay Association – National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (US) – Out and Equal Workplace Advocates – Human Rights Campaign, working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights – Stonewall – Lambda legal – Feminists for Free Expression – Feminists Against Censorship – Electronic Frontier Foundation – Campaign against censorship – No Clean Feed Australia – Electronic Frontiers Australia – Free Speech Coalition


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