Information on spanking – Spanking information. The frugal domme. – How to spank. Good vibrations. – Agony and Ecstasy (Archived)

Spanking blogs – A painful awakening. I’m a cheeky, happy-go-lucky girl dancing her way through life. Always known I’m kinky but relatively new to the public scene and approaching my new lifestyle with my trademark energy and enthusiasm. Emma Jane – My bottom smarts. One woman’s celebration of life, love, and spankings. Bonnie – Dark musing. A top’s eye view. Craig Aych – Dreams of spanking. Pandora Blake. – A satisfying second life. Nick and Linda – Spanked, not silenced. Kinky model, actress, activist and blogger. Pandora Blake. – Rohrstockpalast. The spanker’s new mind. A blog about erotic corporal punishment. Ludwig


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