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Texts for a general readership:
Introductory Texts About BDSM for Educational Settings

Recommended texts, terms, starting out, communication, techniques:
Kink Resources: Short List


Български – Bulgarian

Česky – Czech

Dansk – Danish

Deutsch – German
     Texte zum Thema BDSM für Bildungsveranstaltungen

Ελληνικά – Greek

     Kink Resources: Short List
     Introductory Texts About BDSM for Educational Settings
     Nonfiction Books
     Groups and Events
     Discussion and Socialising
     Sexuality and Gender
          Do It Yourself
          Orgasm Control
          Safer Kinky Sex

Español, Castellano – Spanish

Suomi – Finnish

Français – French

עברית – Hebrew

Bahasa Indonesia – Indonesian

Íslenska – Icelandic

Italiano – Italian

日本語 – Japanese

Nederlands – Dutch

Norsk – Norwegian

Português – Portuguese

Русский – Russian

Slovenčina – Slovak

Slovenščina – Slovene, Slovenian

Svenska – Swedish

Türkçe – Turkish

Українська – Ukrainian

中文 – Chinese


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