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Make kinky toys yourself – Sartan’s BDSM Workshop: DIY Projects – Home manufacturing and toy making – Kink toys, instructions for building a few things, Verijaa – Sadomechanix – Collar ‘n’ Cuffs, Pervertibles & Craft ideas, Building Plans and Resources – Simple flogger construction projects by Faustopheles – Kink Lab. DIY-Projects mostly related to kink. – The Better Built Bondage Book by Douglas Kent, bondage and BDSM ‘Do It Yourself’ instructions and plans – How to dye rope, dyeing nylon rope in your kitchen. How to make rope with natural fibers, iris rope. Instructional videos. Scroll down to TKB PSAs. Two Knotty Boys – Condition and dye your own hemp rope. How to condition raw hemp into soft and beautiful rope. Instructables. Mcvarij – How to make high-tech do-it-yourself sex toys. Radio, pager and touch-controlled sex toys; illuminated spreader bar. Franklin Veaux – Index of DIY threads on the Bound Forum, DIY bondage gear, MsBehavin – The toymaker project. Technological empowerment and sexuality. Vortacist – Slave Chris. Home made toys.


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