‘the radical notion that women are human beings’
Cheris Kramerae

‘Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression’
bell hooks

Feminist Perspectives

http://sm-feminist.blogspot.com – Let them eat pro-sm feminist safe spaces. Verte, Trinity, Belledame222, Antiprincess, Purplepenny, Dw3t-Hthr.
Excellent starting point for feminist BDSM-related essays and discussions.
http://afeministsub.wordpress.com – Feminist Sub.
http://beyondthehills.wordpress.com – Beyond the hills. Ritual violence and becoming wild again. Ranat.
http://bitchyjones.wordpress.com – Bitchy Jones’s diary. The author writes about her life as a dom, and criticises a variety of aspects of modern sexual mainstream and BDSM culture. One of her recurring themes, surprisingly rare in the BDSM world, is the centrality of female desire to female domination.
A must-read for anyone into female domination and male submission between people who love and desire each other.
www.charlieglickman.com/blog – Charlie Glickman. Adult sexuality education.
http://clarissethorn.com/blog – Clarisse Thorn. A Chicago-based, feminist, pro-BDSM sex-positive activist.
http://enagoski.wordpress.com – Sex nerd, knowledge is power. Emily is a college health educator in Massachusetts. The blog is an effort to combine the three crucial ingredients of a sex column: good science, good writing, good advice. Emily Nagoski.
http://eroticacoverwatch.wordpress.com – Erotica cover watch. Why only women on the covers of erotic books? Mathilde Madden and Kristina Lloyd.
http://freaksexual.wordpress.com – Freaksexual. Pepomint.
http://girlwithaonetrackmind.blogspot.com – Girl with a one-track mind. Abby Lee.
http://indigostheory.wordpress.com – Indigo’s theory. I am a black poly kinky queer dyke; writer, teacher, artist and aspiring sex education/blogger.
http://chaos-erevos.dreamwidth.org – Chaos Erevos, Ireen.
http://kinkyfeministscarnival.wordpress.com – The carnival of kinky feminists. To create a space that’s friendly and safe for feminists and kinky people to share their views. To promote respectful dialogue across the range of feminisms and kinky lifestyles and activities.
http://kinkylibrarian.net – Diary of a kinky librarian. Nadia West is a self-identified slut, pervert, polyamorist, bisexual, submissive, feminist librarian. She’s a thirtysomething living in an undisclosed part of the NYC area. Nadia loves to talk about sex and her adventures with her Dom, MasterDoc, and thus this blog. Nadia West.
www.labcoatlingerie.com – Lab Coats and lingerie. Professor Chaos is a science undergraduate by day, evil mad scientist by night. Chaos identifies as pansexual, dominant, disabled, and femme. Fizz is a high school dropout, a linguistics undergrad, and an overall communication nerd. Fizz identifies as pansexual, fat, poly, dominant and switchy, and agender.
http://lettersfromgehenna.blogspot.com – Letters from Gehenna: the world on a slant. I do all my weird normally and all my normal strangely. My blog is a repository of a variety of pontifications, on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, religion, sex, BDSM, gender, sociopolitical neepery, the hell is wrong with people nowadays, and the art of living in the world one wants to bring into being while acknowledging that we’re not there yet. Dw3t-Hthr (Duat-Hether).
http://lucyjweston.blogspot.com – Lucy Jane Weston. I’m a theatre geek turned kinkster with strong feelings and opinions about sex, kink, feminism, and musicals.
http://maybemaimed.com – Maybe maimed but never harmed. Technology geek extraordinaire, sexual freedom community activist, prickly blogger and general free spirit. Maymay.
http://blog.misscalico.com – Calico Lane. NYC porn performer, stripper, and model. BDSM switch.
http://moreinches.wordpress.com – More inches. It’s not enough. Dabbling in the dark arts of human sexuality. Silia and Ve.
http://niofaps.wordpress.com – Nio faps. Feminism, art, porn, sex.
http://notjustbitchy.com – Not Just Bitchy. And I’ll play wearing fuzzy slippers if I damned well want to! The title of this blog has two meanings. One: dominant women are people just like everyone else. We are not just the bitchy stereotype you see in porn. Two: It’s a tribute to Bitchy Jones. It’s not just Bitchy who thinks there are a host of problems with the scene as it is now. Stabbity.
http://pandorablake.com – Spanked, not silenced. Pandora Blake.
http://pasthurt.wordpress.com – Past the hurt. Rogue Bambi.
http://perversecowgirl.wordpress.com – Hiding in plain sight. Perverse Cowgirl.
http://pervocracy.blogspot.com – The pervocracy. Sex. Feminism. BDSM. And some very, very naughty words. Cliff Pervocracy.
http://realadultsex.com – Real adult sex. Confessions of a prudish libertine, grumblings of a libertine prude. Figleaf.
www.scarleteen.com/blog – Scarleteen blogs. Sex education for the real world. Heather Corinna.
http://sexgeek.wordpress.com – Sex Geek. Thoughts on sex and life. Andrea Zanin.
http://sexgenderbody.com – SexGenderBody. There is no ‘should’. A direct, honest and respectful conversation about sex, gender & body. I define my sex, gender & body. You define yours. Community, collaborative blog. Arvan Reese.
http://slitherings.blogspot.com – Slitherings. Part personal diary/personal history, i.e. what it’s like (for me) to live Leather now. Part place to corral big picture/community related history, rants, & theory. Habu.
http://spokewench.wordpress.com – Spokewench. Illustrated learning blog about bondage & self bondage, feminism & gender, domination & submission.
http://subversivesub.wordpress.com – Subversive submissive. Just another vegan, anarchist, feminist BDSM weblog.
http://zinelibrary.info/subversive-submissive-1 – Essays on kink, feminism and anarchism by Subversive Submissive
www.sugarbutch.net – Sugarbutch chronicles. The sex, gender and relationship adventures of a kinky queer butch top. Sinclair Sexsmith.
http://thinkingaboutmykink.wordpress.com – Thinking about my kink. The inner ramblings of a feminist kinkster who loves shoes and hates patriarchy. Lissy.
http://topologies.wordpress.com – Topologies. Discussing BDSM from the perspective of three women who top/dom. Cal Stockton, Ivy O’Malley, Delilah Wood.
http://yesmeansyesblog.wordpress.com – Yes means yes. Visions of female sexual power and a world without rape.


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