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A – A feminist sub. I’m submissive, kinky and a nerd. And obviously I’m a feminist. – Akalashi’s world. I am a woman in an open relationship. I’ve been interested in BDSM for six years now and have been actively involved in D/s relationships for two of those. – E is for eclectic. An adult content entertainment blog, seen through the rose colored glasses of a dominant woman type living in a mostly vanilla world. Elizabeth. – The Andro-Aperture Project. I believe male beauty should be embraced as widely and diversely as female beauty has come to be, and I’m ready to prove it as true. Kitty Stryker. – A painful awakening. I’m a cheeky, happy-go-lucky girl dancing her way through life. Always known I’m kinky but relatively new to the public scene and approaching my new lifestyle with my trademark energy and enthusiasm. Emma Jane. – A life in the day of a slave. Thoughts… Dreams… Frustrations… Reality. Archer’s Elegant. – The asexual sexologist. A stranger in a strange land.

B – Intelligent information, ideas and insights about the adventurous side of sex and relationships. Race Bannon. – BDSM Romance. Erotically Eclectic Bisexual Man on BDSM, S&M, Kink, Fetish. Richard Evans Lee. – BDSM weblog. I identify myself as a dominant sadomasochist. That means that I enjoy receiving others’ submission, as well as giving and receiving pain. I am learning, and will always be learning. My favorite tools are my own body parts — fingers, teeth, nails, elbows, knuckles. These are not appropriate tools for all jobs, but I feel that using what I was born with gives a more intimate connection, and allows me to better feel my partner in all senses of the word. Sammael. – Bean twice over. I’m a 25-year-old bisexual FtM currently poking my sexuality with sharp sticks to see which ones it bites at. – Beauty in darkness: the history of BDSM. Peter Tupper. – Beyond the hills. Ritual violence and becoming wild again. Ranat. – Bitchy Jones’s diary. The author writes about her life as a dom, and criticises a variety of aspects of modern sexual mainstream and BDSM culture. One of her recurring themes, surprisingly rare in the BDSM world, is the centrality of female desire to female domination.
A must-read for anyone into kink between dominant women and submissive men who love and desire each other. – Blood, sex, crimson. D’jaevle. – Bob Wingate’s blog. Bound & Gagged Magazine. – My bottom smarts. One woman’s celebration of life, love, and spankings. Bonnie. – No, no, no, you hit people with it! Boymeat. – Buff’s tufftalk. Exploring man to man relationships from a top man’s perspective.For top men who care about their relationships. Setting a responsible example while pursuing our gay identity. – Butchtastic. An artful blend of good guy and bad boy, the gentleman rogue, the bad boy who makes good… Kyle. – Bybloemen. New to poly & kink, trying to make sense of things by writing about them.

C – Charlie Glickman. Adult sexuality education. – Chasing Eros. Nameless. – Clarisse Thorn. A Chicago-based, feminist, pro-BDSM sex-positive activist. – Coyote Too, the Trickster. My intentions are good, but I don’t always leave well enough alone. – Curvaceous Dee. Curvaceous, vivacious, tenacious, bodacious. That’s me! I’m also fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, kinky, kiwi, and happy.

D – Danae whispering. Within reality. Slavery, service, surrender, sex, S&M and other important parts of my life in a Master/slave relationship. – Dark musing. A top’s eye view. Craig Aych. – Dart’s domain. Nothing revs me up more than seeing a hot muscled guy roped up and silenced… and if he’s hairy or wearing leather, even better. – Delving into deviance. Ponderings on kink and female domination. I am somewhat new to female domination, but have been interested in it for a few years. This is my chosen forum for exploring my ideas as they come along. Sometimes this will involve building on them or modifying them. I do not offer a definitive guide, but rather, perhaps, a woman with whom others will be able to relate. – Devastating yet inconsequential. Muddled explorations of BDSM romance. Dev. – The key is on my nipple ring. A couple’s explorations with a chaste life, from the wife’s point of view. Orgasm control / chastity. Devoted lover and Ab. – Diary of a leatherman. The everyday life of a leather sir, chronicling his journey in DS leather relationships and lifestyle. Erin Kyan. – Dirty BlaQ Boi. That kinda handsome butch boi who likes to flirt. Q. – Dishevelled domina. – Domme chronicles. On being a dominant woman, on beatings and sex, on power and vulnerability, on love and pain… all that. Ferns. – Down on my knees. Tentative speculations on power exchange and sadomasochism by a pansexual polyfetishist. Richard Evans Lee. – Dreams of spanking. Pandora Blake. – Dreamwalker. Sadistic poet. – Dumb domme. I’m still new to BDSM and kink in general, although looking back at most of my past relationships, there were certainly “signs.” I guess I just never thought of power dynamics and sexual preferences as anything all that special or strange, and I’m still not sure that I do. D.

E – Ecstatic revolution. Exploring gender, sexuality and spirituality. Aiden Fyre. – Erosblog. Sex blogging, gratuitous nudity, kinky sex, sundry sensuality. Bacchus.

F – Thoughts and distractions. Midori. – The strangest alchemy. Trinity. – Follows the sun. Human heliotrope. – Freaksexual. Nonmonogamy, polyamory, bisexuality, pansexuality, queerness, BDSM, kink. An outlet for my thoughts on various outcast sexual communities. For the theoreticians among you, I focus on Foucauldian power dynamics, and I subscribe to a fairly strict deconstructionist model of culture. My writing is driven by queer and polyamory activism, and so this blog will take an anti-oppression approach to analysis. Pepomint. – Fuck: a love story. Tilda.

G – Girl with a one-track mind. Abby Lee. – Inside the oversexed mind of Gloria Brame. – Guiltied. Personal BDSM/Bondage site. Guilty^ and Pluu.

H – The History of BDSM. Documenting my research in the history of consensual sadomasochism. Peter Tupper. – The hitching post. Samuel’s sex-positive, queer BDSM blog. Sam. – Hopeful descent. I’m a mathematics major in my mid-twenties. I’m also a (usually) submissive, queer, Jewish feminist woman (sort of). Hope. – How my other half lives. I’m a kinkster, storyteller, aspiring therapist/sex educator, and plotter of my own downfall. Sascha K.

I – Fivestar is a proud San Francisco resident who enjoys cameras, music, rope, yoga and bicycles. – Indigo’s theory. I am a black poly kinky queer dyke; writer, teacher, artist and aspiring sex education/blogger. – Under the influence. I’m a writer, artist and performer; exploring a fascination with control, submission & hypnosis. Fluence. – Not so submissive. Indy’s blog about consensual adult spanking and other topics. – In scarlet ink. Orlando Curioso. Orlando is a 30-something submissive man, who works in the trades, lives in the country, and writes. He is married to… Murre, a beautiful, dominant scientist who likes cats, flowers, and novels about plucky heroines. This blog contains bits of their story.

J – Jhusdhui. – The slave within. I will do it, because it’s what I am. Joscelin. – Love tap. Everyone needs a love tap now and then… and it may just be good for what ails you. Týr. – Transfiguration. Words… with a twist. Liras.

K – Kate Bornstein’s blog for teens, freaks and other outlaws. Alternatives to suicide – or simply to a really bad day. – Kink + Culture is devoted to the exploration of BDSM in art, design, and popular culture. Tilda. – Kink in exile. Notes from a kinky nomad. Alisa. – Kinkopedia. Read voraciously, think critically. Lil’Heather. – Kink research overviews. This is my personal attempt to summarize and interpret the extant research on kink. While the internet has provided access to information about kink at an unheard-of-rate, misinformation of all sorts has proliferated as well… and much faster. Moreover, a lot of the extant research on kink, especially in public media, does not seem to be informed by previous research. We keep discovering the same things and making the same errors, and it is hard to find overviews of what we know and don’t know. Hence this blog. Orlando Curioso. – The carnival of kinky feminists. To create a space that’s friendly and safe for feminists and kinky people to share their views. To promote respectful dialogue across the range of feminisms and kinky lifestyles and activities. – Diary of a kinky librarian. Nadia West is a self-identified slut, pervert, polyamorist, bisexual, submissive, feminist librarian. She’s a thirtysomething living in an undisclosed part of the NYC area. Nadia loves to talk about sex and her adventures with her Dom, MasterDoc, and thus this blog. Nadia West. – Kinky Little Girl. On abuse and BDSM. A compendium of links and articles relating to abuse in general, and abuse vs BDSM, as well as my personal journey. If you or someone you care about is in an abusive relationship, or think you are, you will find extensive resources for getting help here, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender. – Purrversatility. Kitty Stryker.

L – Lab Coats and lingerie. Professor Chaos is a science undergraduate by day, evil mad scientist by night. Chaos identifies as pansexual, dominant, disabled, and femme. Fizz is a high school dropout, a linguistics undergrad, and an overall communication nerd. Fizz identifies as pansexual, fat, poly, dominant and switchy, and agender. – Aconite. Chronicles of a sadist dominant female in India. – Laura Antoniou. Author, speaker, pundit, kvetch. Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels, She has also edited the groundbreaking “Leatherwomen” anthologies, and several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. – La Phalene. – Whip appeal. Ramblings from a whip. Lady Raven. – Leatherati. Leather people, events and news. Loren Berthelsen and Alex Lindsay. – Leather Views. For more than seventeen years Jack Rinella has been writing about kinky sex. He is the author of The Master’s Manual, The Compleat Slave, Partners in Power, Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps, Becoming a Slave, and Philosophy In the Dungeon, the Magic of Sex & Spirit. He has been active in the Leather scene since 1983, is a founding member of MAsT-Chicago, an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and serves as a director on the board of the Leather Leadership Conference. – Lolita Wolf’s predictions and predilections. As a BDSM sex educator and author, I don’t just talk about it. I do it! And then I write about it. – Letters from Gehenna: the world on a slant. I do all my weird normally and all my normal strangely. My blog is a repository of a variety of pontifications, on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, religion, sex, BDSM, gender, sociopolitical neepery, the hell is wrong with people nowadays, and the art of living in the world one wants to bring into being while acknowledging that we’re not there yet. Dw3t-Hthr (Duat-Hether). – Lotuslust. I am a happily married (to a man) fortysomething poly, queer, kinky woman. I’m also in a long term D/s (moving towards M/s) relationship. – Lucy Jane Weston. I’m a theatre geek turned kinkster with strong feelings and opinions about sex, kink, feminism, and musicals. – Lust love and latex. Latex fetishism, fashion, news and culture in general. 3xL.

M – Master Chuck’s musings. I’m originally from North Bay (Ontario) and I am currently living in Sudbury, where I’m know by many names such as Master Chuck AKA MSDDTC (Master, Sir, Daddy, Dog Trainer Chuck). I’m an active member of the Sudbury, North Bay, and Toronto gay BDSM and pansexual Kink communities. – Maybe maimed but never harmed. Technology geek extraordinaire, sexual freedom community activist, prickly blogger and general free spirit. Maymay. – Maybe days. The (more or less) daily musings of maymay, and his inspirations. I blog at Male Submission Art, co-host Kink On Tap, and support KinkForAll as much as I can. Maymay. – Male submission art. Art and visual erotica that depicts masculine submission. With descriptive texts and thoughtful commentary. This blog showcases beautiful imagery where men and other male-identified people are submissive subjects. The project aims to challenge negative, repressive stereotypes of the “pathetic” submissive man. Instead, this collection showcases a broad variety of images of masculine submissive subjects, portayed as hot, sexy, arousing, desirable. Maymay. – Submissive secrets. Why “Submissive Secrets”? I believe it is time to tell the stories and share the thoughts, feelings, desires, and fears submissive men and those who love them have in a way that offers solidarity, compassion, empathy, trust, sympathy, lust, and, of course, love. Maymay. – Minivan libertine. Andi Marie. – Calico Lane. NYC porn performer, stripper, and model. BDSM switch. – The perverted negress. It ain’t just the hair that’s kinky. Writer, actress, BDSM educator and executive pervert. Mollena Williams. – Stuffies. A blog about food and sex. Stuffies focuses on the feederism fetish, along with real-life stories about the Washington, DC and NYC BDSM scenes. Molly Ren. – More inches. It’s not enough. Dabbling in the dark arts of human sexuality. Silia and Ve. – More inches on Tumblr. Silia and Ve.

N – The adventures of Mistress and Nakeysub. – A satisfying second life. Nick and Linda. – National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (USA). Hard at work to defend your rights. NCSF and community news, events and more. – Nio faps. Feminism, art, porn, sex. – Not Just Bitchy. And I’ll play wearing fuzzy slippers if I damned well want to! The title of this blog has two meanings. One: dominant women are people just like everyone else. We are not just the bitchy stereotype you see in porn. Two: It’s a tribute to Bitchy Jones. It’s not just Bitchy who thinks there are a host of problems with the scene as it is now. Stabbity.

O – Gotta love me! An avid rope enthusiast with a passion for Kinbaku. Okie Nawa, David Masterson. – O Miss Pearl. Non-expert, non-professional perspective femdom & kink with awesome erotica.

P – Spanked, not silenced. Kinky model, actress, activist and blogger. – Passion and soul. Lee Harrington is a passionate spiritual and erotic educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist and published author and editor on human sexuality and spiritual experience. – Past the hurt. Stories of enthusiastic consent and submissive desires. Rogue Bambi. – Hiding in plain sight. Perverse Cowgirl. – The voices of US racial minorities in alternative sexual communities are important but often unheard. If you are a person of color (POC) who has been or is involved alternative sexuality (including but not limited to S&M, D/s, leather, kink, fetishism, polyamory, and/or swinging), the Perverts of Color needs to hear your story. Perverts of Color is inclusive of all genders and sexualities. Nor are we interesting in defining who is a Person of Color. If the shoe fits, welcome. Jaki and Katie. – The pervocracy. Sex. Feminism. BDSM. And some very, very naughty words. Cliff Pervocracy. – Post modern sleaze. BDSM exploration. Electronic Doll. – Poison Beatrice. – The polyamorous misanthrope. Wielding the Stick of Grandmotherly Kindness. The Goddess of Java is a polyamorous writer. Goddess of Java. – Polymorphous perversity. Sexuality, gender, law. Harper Jean. – Poundcake is a blog put together by a network of polyamorous kinky lovers based in San Francisco. With Poundcake, we hope to share some of the wackiness of the underground sex life and thoughts on relationships and BDSM. Whynotkay, Pepomint, Dangerkitten, Eric Litton. – Proper fucked. One boi, one grrl, lots of death. (But just the small kind…) M. Monkey. – Pure liquid kink. I’m an early 30s male living in PA, a pessimistic bastard, submissive, bottom, perv, member of the local bdsm community, and keeper of the legendary cookie repository. I believe that bdsm is healthy, exciting, and sexy, and that it’s not about “tribute”, W/weird C/capitalization, following some scripted protocol, or housework. It’s about a mutually fulfilling relationship. Roo-roo.


R – Ranai Pahav. Kink resources and kinky fiction. I’m a sexually dominant, sadistic woman living together with the man who is my beloved partner and submissive lover. <– You are here. – Real adult sex. Figleaf. – Rohrstockpalast. The spanker’s new mind. A blog about erotic corporal punishment. Ludwig. – Rubber Canuck. Gummiphiles unite. Shiny, stretchy, squeaky, slimy, smelly… – Ruby Incarnadine. I’m a polyamorous, bisexual switch. Bellaforte. – Ruff’s stuff. Safe, sane and consensual bondage and SM, the leather lifestyle, role playing and fetishes such as leather, rubber/latex, uniform and even sports gear. – Rumpus Parable’s take on female led relationships. Rumpus Parable and Chael.

S – Sara Eileen. Writer, marketer, activist, artist. Good with words, knives. Queer, joyful, aggressive. Lover of intersections, culture clashes, bright and brilliant things. – Silver Lamé. Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, dandy top heavy princess. International Ms Leather 2011. – Scarleteen blogs. Sex education for the real world. Heather Corinna. – Science based sex. About the intersection between skepticism, science, and sexuality. Benny. – Letters from a seraglio. The harem girl writes to the sultan. I’m a woman with a thing for words… who found a man who likes them too. We’re still discovering many interests we share. Sera. – Sex Geek. Thoughts on sex and life. Andrea Zanin, a.k.a. Sex Geek, wears her glasses when she fucks. For over a decade, she has been teaching about queer sexuality, polyamory and BDSM/leather for universities, colleges, sex shops, community groups and conferences in Canada, the States and internationally, and she brings an awareness of privilege and oppression to all her work. Andrea is pursuing a PhD in women’s studies at York University with a focus on Canadian leatherdyke history. She writes about alternative sexuality for numerous newspapers and magazines. – SexGenderBody. There is no ‘should’. A direct, honest and respectful conversation about sex, gender & body. I define my sex, gender & body. You define yours. Community, collaborative blog. Arvan Reese. – Cory Silverberg’s blog. On this site you will find friendly, non-judgmental, and accessible information, encouragement, and advice that will try to get you to think about sex in different ways. Cory Silverberg is an AASECT certified sexuality educator, author, media contributor and researcher. – Sexual intelligence. Sex – and culture, politcs, the media – and sex. Dr. Marty Klein. – Overpowered: sexual struggles. Hedonist masochist feminist muses on power, desire, violence, conflict, battle of wills, and struggles both internal and external. – Slitherings. Part personal diary/personal history, i.e. what it’s like (for me) to live Leather now. Part place to corral big picture/community related history, rants, & theory. Habu. – Let them eat pro-sm feminist safe spaces. Verte, Trinity, Belledame222, Antiprincess, Purplepenny, Dw3t-Hthr. – Sex your brain. Sex ed, science writing, sex quizzes, sex trivia, sexual myths, Q&A, sex survey. Mr. Science. – Spokewench. Illustrated learning blog about bondage & self bondage, feminism & gender, domination & submission. – Sublime submission. What does it mean to give up all control of your body, mind and spirit to another…? Inquiring minds beg to know. Naughtybuttcute. – Submission and metaphor. Life and love as performance art. Submissive Jewish bisexual feminist baby boomer explores passion, pain, and poetry while pondering possible routes to happiness. Oatmeal Girl. – A submissive with claws. I’m a young pragmatic idealist. I like to write, I like to read, and I like to think. Zula. – Subversive submissive. Just another vegan, anarchist, feminist BDSM weblog. – Sugarbutch chronicles. The sex, gender and relationship adventures of a kinky queer butch top. Sinclair Sexsmith. – The switch is not a myth. The spork of the BDSM world. Teppycat.

T – Franklin Veaux’s journal. Faber est suae quisque fortunae. I’m pierced, tattooed, kinky, and polyamorous.Tacit. – The beautiful kind. Kinky stories & relationship/sex advice. – The black leather belt. I have a husband, two kids, a dog, a white picket fence, a whole lot of bondage equipment…and a girlfriend. I’m living my kinky, freaky, happily-ever-after. And this is what it looks like. Lily. – The control enthusiast. J. P. Robichaud. – The dirty normal. Emily is a college health educator in Massachusetts. The blog is an effort to combine the three crucial ingredients of a sex column: good science, good writing, good advice. Emily Nagoski. – The heron clan. We are adults living polyamorously. We sometimes discuss BDSM power exchange dynamics here. – Viviane’s sex carnival. A group link blog about sex and sexuality. – Speculative literature alive. TammyJo Eckhart, a dominant sadist, has been consciously active in the BDSM community since 1993. In her writing and in real life, she has been told that she shatters the common stereotypes of dominant women. She has also selectively trained would-be submissives or slaves and mentored some new tops and dominants. Her “kinky family” is comprised of Tom, her husband since 1992, and Fox, her slave since 1999. In the other half of her life, she holds a PhD in ancient history and has published studies on mythology, sexuality, slavery, and pedagogy or the art of teaching. – Thinking about my kink. The inner ramblings of a feminist kinkster who loves shoes and hates patriarchy. Lissy. – Love bites. Clarisse Thorn’s blog at Time Out Chicago. I’ll be posting quickly and lightly about whatever interesting sex and gender news comes my way. – Today I am a boy. I am a bisexual genderqueer, born female, exploring feminism, polyamory, kink, and transition to male. I’m also an aspiring writer. Kit. – Topologies. Discussing BDSM from the perspective of three women who top/dom. Cal Stockton, Ivy O’Malley, Delilah Wood. – …and the strangest things seem, suddenly, routine. The life and loves of a former missionary and one time yuppie turned bondage rope maker and sex worker on his quest to change the world, one bedroom at a time. Twisted Monk. – Onesie in a twist. Missives from the playpen. Obedient Puppy. – The fox den. There’s a kinky side of me that enjoys some more wild parts of life. Bondage, rubber, kidnappings, encasement, group scenes…all safe and sane of course. I hope to capture an audience here composed of people from the Midwestern USA. I’ll share my own feelings and thoughts as my kinky life unfolds, as well as inform everyone of times, dates, places, and events where you can meet one another. Tynan Fox.

U – Uncommon curiosity. Steps on my way to becoming Real. Roxy.

V – The edge of vanilla. I don’t have multiple orgasms, but I am known to be a carrier… A journal with a focus on discussions about intimacy and sexuality. This will not be a specifically kink-oriented blog; rather, I intend for this to become a journal about the intimacy and sexuality within relationships that border on the edge. Orgasm control / chastity. Tom Allen. – Verbs, not nouns. Wrong in all the right ways. The adventures of a kinky asexual woman. Venn.

W – Washi Nawashi. The consequences of gravity and other rope nuts. Dov is a NYC based artist, photographer, sculptor, educator; Japanese rope bondage and single tail whip fanatic, computer geek and just has way too many hobbies.

X – Beyond Xs and Ys. I am a giant radical queer kinky trans individual, whose real passions are things like friends and theater. I went to a small liberal arts college in New England, and am currently doing a lot of things involving either education or sex, sometimes both. xMech.

Y – Yes means yes. Visions of female sexual power and a world without rape.


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