Български – Bulgarian

Български , Bulgarski – Bulgarian

България – Bulgaria

www.f-bg.org – Това е портал за алтернативна сексуалност, дефинирана в световен мащаб като BDSM.
Bulgarian alternative sexuality community. About BDSM in a private, intimate and sexual relationship between partners.
www.bg-lesbian.com/bdsm – BDSМ – Какво е това?
BDSM – What is it? Texts on the Bulgarian site BG Lesbian.
www.espressivo-club.com – Espressivo club. Алтернативният BDSM & fetish портал. Дискусии, Чат, Библиотека, BDSM-Речник.
Espressivo club. Alternative BDSM & fetish portal. Discussion, chat, library, BDSM glossary.
http://artistbdsm.blogspot.com – Artist. BDSM. Lady V. София, Bulgaria.
Artist. BDSM. Lady V. Sofia, Bulgaria.


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