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A – The good girl’s guide to domination by Akasha – Albany Power Exchange BDSM Info – Loving Mistress – Arizona Power Exchange – The Art of BDSM

B – Race Bannon, Intelligent information, ideas and insights about the adventurous side of sex and relationships – BDSM Backroom – The BDSM Circle, Le Cercle BDSM, Montreal, Quebec – BDSM Classes – BDSM: Debunking the Myths – Erotic waxing: hot wax in sex play – BDSM Chicago – BDSM Education, Electric Switch – Beach Mystress and Toyboy – Cuir Underground archive – The Bullwhip FAQ

C – Carnal Nation, entertainment and information for grown-ups – CARAS, Community-academic consortium for research on alternative sexualities – Carol Queen – CollarNCuffs, Femdom Resources

D – How to write an effective personal by Atheris. (Written for men who are looking for a dominant woman; useful for anyone looking for a relationship that includes BDSM. Click on ‘Impatient?’ to load the page.) – Datenschlag sadomasochist education and support group, articles in English – BDSM and fetish books: searchable international bibliography BISAM – Deep Within the Soul – DeLano bound. A personal journey through rope – Dimmie’s BDSM Information Page – Dom Sub Friends – Domsub Info – Caryl’s BDSM Page

E – About BDSM, Eckie – Agony and Ecstasy. (Click on ‘Impatient?’ to load the page.) – Edge play education: needles, play piercing, breathplay, wax play, branding, Maria B and Stephen – EduKink – Power and love: sadomasochistic practices in long-term committed relationships by Gabriele Hoff, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality – Elaine Miller – BDSM article in Wikipedia – Glossary of BDSM in Wikipedia – BDSM topics in Wikipedia – Ambrosio’s BDSM Site

F – Female Artists of Domination – Fakir Musafar. Piercing, spirit + flesh rituals, energy pull – Fetish Alliance – Fetish Culture – Fetish Information Exchange – Fist and Fangs – The Frugal Domme – FS Online, Think outside the locks

G – Gloria Brame, kinky resources – Glossary of kink.

H – Lord Saber’s BDSM Page – Jim Stewart’s Houdini Connections – A map of the lands of human sexuality by Franklin Veaux

I – Informed Consent BDSM Dictionary

J – Jay Wiseman

K – Kink Friendly, Lqqkout – Kink in Motion, Kim – Kinky world BDSM advice. Help with different BDSM toys. Things to consider when buying them, safety concerns when using them, and different uses for the toys once you actually have them in your hands. Miss Kay – Kink wiki, kink bingo community, resources for fiction writers, also good as inspiration and ideas for real life kinky interaction

L – Laura Antoniou – Laura Goodwin – The Leather Archives and Museum Chicago – Leatherati – Leatherdyke, women-only community space by leatherdykes, for leatherdykes – The leather hall of fame – Leather Leadership Conference – Leatherlife – Leather and Roses BDSM Resource Site – Jack Rinella’s Leatherviews – Advice for using the personals. (Essay series on Lesbotronic about writing and interacting on personals sites; helpful for people regardless of gender and orientation.) – Liberty in Restraint, Noel Graydon – Like Ra’s Naughty Playground – Love and health, alternative sexuality articles – The Book of Edge

M – Good Vibrations Magazine – Master Slave Conference Keynote Speeches – Thoughts on BDSM, Chris and Michelle – Medical Fetish Library. How-to’s, safety precautions, resources – Mortice Deadlock – Faustopheles BDSM articles – Simple flogger construction projects by Faustopheles

N – National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (USA) resource library – National Leather Association Columbus Articles – National Leather Association (US) International – National Leather Association, Oklahoma City Chapter, articles

O – Officer Wes, Daddy Barry and Bobby – The Australian BDSM Information Site

P – Passion and Soul, Lee Harrington – John Pendal’s Articles – Penitential Arts, history on the kinky side – Midori

R – Rose City Discussion Group, articles by Tamar Kay – Guidelines on safer dating, Recon – Revise F65 – Revise F65 research abstracts

S – Sadomechanix – Safer + Saner. Information on safer and saner leathersex. Bondage, discipline, enemas, fisting, nipple, dick and ball play, toys, watersports, wax play. Cruising, safer sex. – Safer SM. Practical guidelines and advice on HIV and STD prevention within SM play – Sagacity Group, British Columbia – Sartan’s BDSM Workshop: DIY Projects – Working the kinks out, an alternative sexuality primer by Heather Corinna – BDSM related articles on Scarleteen – DS Seekers – Sex Research, Robert V. Bienvenu – Society for Human Sexuality BDSM Archive – What is BDSM? San Francisco Sex Information FAQ – SM Gays, social and educational group for gay men interested in consensual, sexual sadomasochism. Information sheets – The Society of Janus – A View On Sadomasochism by Don Miesen (Click on ‘Impatient?’ to load.) – Soul’s Haven – Subdominion – Submissive Loving – Sado Masochism, Superdrewby – SymToys, Scening Ideas and Scenarios, Franklin Veaux

T – TammyJo Eckhart – The Better Built Bondage Book by Douglas Kent, bondage and BDSM ‘Do It Yourself’ instructions and plans – Putting her in charge by Mule – The Leather Journal – The Network / La Red: Is it S/M or Abuse? – The Crucible, BDSM vs. Abuse – The Next Generation of Chicago Newbie Center – Index of terminology by Subaltern

U – Unfettered Resources. Celebrating and defending the diverse BDSM/Fetish community

V – Ruby’s submissive / dominant / switch activity checklist – Vanilla-not, a DS Web Center – Venus Envy Sex Ed Articles – Verijaa

W – Wipipedia, fetish and BDSM encyclopedia – Wizdomme

X – BDSM? What? Why? How? Franklin Veaux

Z – Essays on kink, feminism and anarchism by Subversive Submissive


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