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Anthropomorphic, Furry
Boots, Bootblacking, Shoes
Cell Popping
Clothing Fetishes, Various
Counseling, Medicine, Therapy, Law, BDSM vs. Abuse
Do It Yourself
Domestic Service
Enema, Klismaphilia
Gender Bending, Crossdressing, Androgyny
Hair Capes
Human Pet Play, Cat and Kitten Roleplay, Dog and Puppy Roleplay
Human Pony Play
Massage, General and Erotic
Medical Play
Nettles, Urtication
Orgasm Control, Chastity Play
Pride Flags
Safer Kinky Sex, STI Prevention


Ageplay – The Ghidrah, ageplay resources – The Big Little Podcast show is an audio program by, about, and for age players of all kinds. Just like the subjects of our show we expect our audience to be mature, consenting adults. Spacey and Mako. – Ageplay negotiation form

Anarchism – Anarkink. We’re a handful of kinky anarchists hoping to create a space for ourselves and like-minded people. – Subversive submissive. Just another vegan, anarchist, feminist BDSM weblog. – Essays on kink, feminism and anarchism by Subversive Submissive

Anthropomorphic, Furry – Furry Resource Page – The FAQ – Plushies and furries definitions – Fursuit Information – The Fursuit Archive


See Bondage

Boots, Bootblacking, Shoes – Hot Boots, a community of men into boots – Boot Care Tips – Ian’s Shoelace Site – Bootdog

Cell Popping – Cell popping


See Checklists

Clothing Fetishes, Various – Gear Fetish, sports gear, uniforms, leather, rubber, diving – Like Ra’s Naughty Playground. Latex, lycra, swimsuits, high heels, pantyhose, zentai

Corsets – Long Island Staylace Association, corsets

Counseling, Medicine, Therapy, Law, BDSM vs. Abuse – Kink aware professionals: psychotherapeutic, medical, legal – Health care without shame: a handbook for the sexually diverse and their caregivers, by Charles Moser – Five fallacies about SM by Gloria Brame – The Network / La Red: Is it S/M or Abuse? – Are you being abused? A notice about domestic violence in the SM/fetish scene – BDSM is NOT abuse. The difference between SM and abuse. Lesbian Sex Mafia – Intimate partner violence in BDSM relationships by Blaise Astra Parker – Types of consensual submission by Gloria Brame – National Leather Association – International: domestic violence project – Rape, abuse & incest national network – Intimate partner abuse against men. Public health agency of Canada – Resources for men experiencing partner aggression – You are not crazy. Listen to what verbal abuse really sounds like. This site is an interactive tool designed with the hope that women involved with abusive men can recognize abuse for what it is: unacceptable, ever. Period. – Scene Safety resources. Kink in motion – Kinky Little Girl. On abuse and BDSM. A compendium of links and articles relating to abuse in general, and abuse vs BDSM, as well as my personal journey. If you or someone you care about is in an abusive relationship, or think you are, you will find extensive resources for getting help here, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender

Do It Yourself

See Do It Yourself

Domestic Service – Dinner party ideas and planning – How to be a good waiter – How to clean anything – Cleaning expert – Napkin folding – The International Guild of Professional Butlers articles – Butler-Valet School articles – The Butler Bureau articles – Luggage packing tips – Smart packing – How to care for hats – Tipking household tips – Tipnut – Hints and things

Electrostimulation – Smartstim, e-stim, electro stimulation – Uncle Abdul’s E-Play and E-Stim website – Violet wand information page

Enema, Klismaphilia – Enema Lovers Guide – Enema tips

Feederism – Stuffies. A blog about food and sex. Stuffies focuses on the feederism fetish, along with real-life stories about the Washington, DC and NYC BDSM scenes. Molly Ren.


See Feminism

Film – Alternative sexuality in film and television

Fisting – Red Right, anal fisting – Safer + saner, anal fisting

Flagging – Hanky code – The wholly ironic hanky code, complete with snide remarks, Bootdog – Flag with pride, virtual flagging – Flagging opinicus rampant. Politically astute fucking. This blog documents the flagging adventures of three queer-thinkers and their friends trying to pick up, hook up and make it in the dimly lit but colourful world of hanky code. Gauche, LC, Max.

Gender Bending, Crossdressing, Androgyny – Genderfork, Beauty in Ambiguity – Genderpalooza! A Sex & Gender Primer – Community for Crossdressers, the Transgendered, Transsexuals, their Loved Ones and Friends – Alpha Omega Society, support for crossdressers and their families – tvChix – How to be a Drag King by Dante DiFranco – Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide – Yvonnne’s Place for Crossdressers – Crossdressing and Transgender Makeup Tips – Renee Reyes – The Beaumont Society. Help and support for crossdressing and transgender people

Hair Capes – Capes Around The World, hair capes


See History

Human Pet Play, Cat and Kitten Roleplay, Dog and Puppy Roleplay – The Doghouse – Human Fauna. A site for animal roleplay fetishists and their handlers/trainers – Kittenplay – Kittenplay community – Inuya aigando. Asaji Muroi’s Pet woman dog room – Puploki, human dog/puppy training

Human Pony Play – The Stampede, ponyplay and animal roleplay resources – The Human Equine – Fetishpony – Lord Saber’s Ponyplay FAQ – Pony Play Links

Hypnosis – The Garden of MC, erotic hypnosis – Erotic hypnosis – Under the influence. I’m a writer, artist and performer; exploring a fascination with control, submission & hypnosis. Fluence.

Lactation – Land of Milk and Honey

Latex – Lust love and latex. Latex fetishism, fashion, news and culture in general. 3xL. – Like Ra

Lycra – Andy E Lycra – Like Ra – Mortice Deadlock

Massage, General and Erotic – Free massage lessons, general – Giving and receiving erotic massage – Tantric massage, female – Tantric massage, male – How to give a yoni massage by Selena Kitt – How to give a lingam massage by Selena Kitt

Medical Play – Medical Fetish Library. How-to’s, safety precautions, resources

Nettles, Urtication – Stinging nettles in BDSM games, urtication – Stinging nettles, adventures in organic SM

Orgasm Control, Chastity Play

See Orgasm Control

Pride Flags – Pride flags gallery


See Research

Rubber – International Association of Rubberists – Rubber Canuck. Gummiphiles unite. Shiny, stretchy, squeaky, slimy, smelly… – Rubber Zone

Safer Kinky Sex, STI Prevention

See Safer Kinky Sex

Spandex – Spandex Guys


See Spanking

Uniforms – Uniforms by Officer Wes


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