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Discussion Forums, Online Social Networks, Dating Sites

Regional Forums and Communities in English Language
New Zealand
South Africa
Southeast Asia
United Kingdom


Discussion Forums, Online Social Networks, Dating Sites

www.fetlife.com/login – Fetlife, a social network for kinksters and people curious about kink
http://userstyles.org/styles/15869 – Daytime Fetlife, a script for Firefox by Strictest. Daytime FetLife is a brighter colour scheme for those weary of the dark and gloomy look of FetLife.com.
http://userstyles.org/styles/9180 – Color Invert, a script for Firefox by Sparr. Changes the color scheme of FetLife.com from light-on-dark to dark-on-light.
FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE), by Maymay. A userscript that alerts you of profiles on FetLife belonging to people who have reportedly violated others’ consent.
(Notes: This is a tool designed to enable people to speak out about consent violations, naming the person who perpetrated the consent violation against them by their Fetlife ID. The contents of the database are also viewable without a Fetlife account. It is not necessary to have a Fetlife account to add a report. No claims are made as to any verification of the contents, or any authority. As with any other available information, internet users need to use more than one source, ask questions, and make up their own minds. Reports in FAADE can provide people with valuable pointers about what questions may be worth asking.)
http://askthekinksters.livejournal.com – Ask the Kinksters Livejournal Community. This forum is devoted to the open and honest exchange of information about kink, BDSM, fetishes, and all other “alternative” sexual practices. Whether you’re a complete newbie looking for the general info, or an experienced member of the scene, your questions (and answers) are welcome. Ask whatever you like!
(Note: A few questions and answers are members only. Create an account and log in to see these.)
http://collarncuffs.com/phpBB/index.php – Collar n Cuffs, a femdom community
www.she-makes-the-rules.com – She Makes The Rules, discussions for women and men about daily living in the reality of a female led relationship
www.boundforum.com/forum – The Bound Forum, bondage, BDSM, selfbondage, mummification, chastity, latex, rubber, packaging
www.recon.com – Recon, fetish profiles, personals and chat site for gay men
www.lesbotronic.com – Lesbotronic, lesbian personals site for lesbian/bisexual/trans/genderqueer women. Romance and dating, friends, hook ups, lesbian community. BDSM welcomed. Worldwide
www.collarchat.com – Collarchat, general BDSM forum part of the dating site Collar Me www.collarme.com
http://bondage.com/forums/default.html – Fetish, Bondage and BDSM message boards
http://okcupid.com – OK Cupid. General dating site. Heterosexual, bisexual, gay. Kink friendly
http://forum.literotica.com/forumdisplay.php?f=26 – Literotica BDSM Talk
www.forumbondage.com – The Convolvulus and Esinem Bondage Forum
http://ropebondageforum.com – Rope Bondage Forum
http://www.reddit.com/r/BDSMCommunity – Reddit BDSM Community. Get your kink on.
http://www.reddit.com/r/BDSMFaq – Reddit BDSM Frequently Asked Questions
http://gloria-brame.master.com – BDSM message boards on Gloria Brame’s site
http://forum.stockroom.com – JT’s Stockroom discussion forum, KinkWire
www.darkconnections.com – Dark Connections, Black BDSM personals and resources for People of Color
http://kinkyjews.com – Kinky Jews, a community which brings together Jewish kinksters
www.butch-femme.com – Butch-Femme
http://butch-femme.co.uk – Butch-Femme-Transguy
www.butchfemmedating.co.uk – Butch Femme Dating
http://mydungeonspace.com/forum – MyDungeonSpace discussion forum
www.mybdsm.com – MyBDSM personal and group pages
www.slaveregister.com/boards – Slaveregister discussion forum
www.slavefarm.com – Slavefarm
www.bdsm-sanctuary.net – The BDSM Sanctuary
www.bdsmtasks.org – BDSM Tasks

Regional Forums and Communities in English Language


www.ozabis.info – The Australian BDSM Information Site
http://masterkelly.com/resources/australia.html – Australia
www.aussieadultgroups.com/vicbdsm/month.php – Australia


http://realindiankinksters.com – Real Indian Kinksters, India


www.bdsmireland.org – BDSM Ireland
www.thecinch.org – The Cinch, Dublin erotic rope practice group

New Zealand

www.whisper.co.nz – Whisperings, a New Zealand BDSM resource and link site

South Africa

www.znights.com – ZNights, alternative lifestyles community site for South Africa and surrounding places
www.collarme.co.za – Collar Me South Africa, BDSM community site

Southeast Asia

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BDSMAsiaNetwork – BDSM Asia Network. Southeast Asian D/s (Domination/submission) group for adult kinksters over 21 years of age and living in the SE Asian region. We welcome all levels of D/s practitioners from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. …
D/s or BDSM should be fun, sane and consensual. Sawadee, Namasted, Huan Yin, Welcome, Selamat Datang, Wilkommen, ….

United Kingdom

www.londonfetishscene.com – London Fetish Scene, UK
http://cambridge-kink.co.uk – Cambridge Kink, UK. Social gatherings for adults of all sexualities within the BDSM community
www.webzchat.co.uk – Webzchat, UK BDSM Swingers Community


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