Where are the kinky people of yesterday?

www.leatherarchives.org – The Leather Archives and Museum Chicago
www.datenschlag.org/dachs – Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochism (German)
www.datenschlag.org/english/dachs/index.html – Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochism (part of the timeline in English translation)
www.hawkeegn.com/bdsm/history.htm – Lord Saber’s BDSM history page (USA)
www.penitentialarts.com – Penitential Arts. History on the Kinky Side
http://historyofbdsm.com – History of BDSM Blog. Peter Tupper.
http://beautyindarkness.blog.ca – Beauty in Darkness: The History of BDSM. Peter Tupper.
http://sexresearch.us – Sex Research, Robert V. Bienvenu.
https://ftp.sexresearch.us/Rob%27s%20Dissertation – The Development of Sadomasochism as a Cultural Style in the Twentieth-Century United States by Robert V. Bienvenu
www.darkconnections.com/history/history01.htm – Dark Connections history of black BDSM (North America)
www.ds-arts.com/RopeArt/History.html – History and style of rope: east vs. west by Tatu (Japan, Europe, North America)
www.bondageproject.com/public/history_e.htm – Japanese bondage history
http://duskpeterson.com/essays/index.htm – Leather history essays by Dusk Peterson
www.cuirmale.nl – Cuir Male, Gay leather fetish history
www.bdsmclasses.com/artnglh.php – Next generations and leather history by Catherine Gross
www.wellcome.ac.uk/en/pain/microsite/culture1.html – Lesley Hall: Pain and the erotic. This site has been produced by the Wellcome Trust to accompany its ‘Pain: Passion, compassion, sensibility’ exhibition at the Science Museum in London, UK.


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