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Book Recommendations With Descriptions – Kink resources in print: Book recommendations in English language in three annotated lists by Andrea Zanin.

Authors’ Websites – Race Bannon: Learning The Ropes. A Basic Guide to S/M Lovemaking. – Books by Gloria Brame. – Books by Gloria Brame. – TammyJo Eckhart: At Her Feet: Powering Your Femdom Relationship. – Electric Switch of the West: Top to Bottom. A BDSM Perspective. – Books by Lee Harrington. – Douglas Kent: The Better Built Bondage Book. – Books by Midori. – Books by Jack Rinella. – Books by Jay Wiseman.

Publishers’ Websites – Greenery Press. Reading for the sexually adventurous.,Guides – Cleis Press Sex Guides. – Daedalus Publishing Company. Intelligent publications for erotic adventurers. – Perfectbound Press. David Stein with David Schachter: Ask the Man Who Owns Him. The Real Lives of Gay Masters and Slaves. – Green Candy Press. – Mystic Productions Press. Books and audio to inspire both your spirit and desire.

Book Lists – Clarisse Thorn’s BDSM book recommendations – List of educational books on sex techniques in general and BDSM. Society for human sexuality – Kink in motion book list – Kink research overviews, list of books and articles – BDSM backroom books and literature list – List of books and magazines, Ambrosio – Books on consensual M/s relationships. MTTA. Education and support for the master/slave lifestyle. – Sagacity group library catalogue – Men in Rope, ruggested reading list by DT1974 – Book reviews by John Pendal – Book list by Ferns – Reviews from Cuir Underground – List of academic studies on the history of BDSM

Bibliography Database – BDSM and fetish books: searchable international bibliography BISAM

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