Internationales, mehrsprachiges Verzeichnis informativer Links zu Sadomasochismus, Fetischen, Sexualität und Beziehungen

NGC 346

Ich habe ein neues mehrseitiges Verzeichnis informativer Links zu Sadomasochismus, Fetischen, Sexualität und Beziehungen erstellt.

Zur Zeit enthalten die Seiten des Verzeichnisses Links zu Informationen in 23 verschiedenen Sprachen. Ich hoffe, mit der Zeit mehr Sprachen hinzuzufügen, mit Hilfe von Leuten, die mich auf weitere informative Links hinweisen.

Bei allen Themen, zu denen wir uns bilden, ist Quellenvielfalt wertvoll. Dies gilt auch für Bildung zu Varianten menschlicher Sexualität und Beziehungen.

Verzeichnis informativer Links

Viel Vergnügen beim Entdecken!

Project “Your Personal Kink”. The LA&M wants your help documenting sexual practices that are not widely discussed

The Leather Archives & Museum, a cultural center in Chicago devoted to preserving the history of alternative sexuality, wants your help documenting sexual practices that are not widely discussed. Do you enjoy giving or receiving a little pain during sex, such as spanking, biting, or scratching? Do you fantasize about being overpowered or overpowering your partner, including using ropes, handcuffs, or other restraints? Do you role-play during sex? We want to learn about your experiences through an interview.

We are seeking interviewees whose sex life includes various “alternative” practices. Interviewees who do NOT often participate in adult sexuality workshops, sex parties, or educational meetups are especially encouraged to respond.

We respect your privacy. Anything you tell us will be kept under an anonymous name, if you prefer, or your real name only if you are comfortable with such disclosure. Interviews will be recorded and stored at the Chicago location of the Leather Archives & Museum. They are not being collected for a specific purpose at this time, but may be used for future museum exhibits and will be made available to researchers and scholars who use the museum’s collections for study.

Interviews may be conducted in any way that makes you feel comfortable – by email, phone, an online voice service such as Skype, or even in person if you happen to live in Chicago. Again, we completely respect your privacy; if you get in touch, we will gladly work with you to figure out how to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout our discussions. Whether you have just started looking into this kind of sexuality, or have been exploring for years, please consider getting in touch with us.

The point person for this project is Clarisse Thorn, who can be reached by email at [ clarisse at leatherarchives dot org ]. You can also leave her a voice message if you call the Leather Archives at 773.761.9200.

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Project: “What Are You Into?”. The LA&M is interested in anything that has to do with unusual fetishes

The Leather Archives & Museum, a cultural center in Chicago devoted to preserving the history of alternative sexuality, is seeking to compile resources about fetishes that we don’t usually hear about. We hope to expand our collections to include toys, magazines, videos, recordings, websites and other objects that cover a wider range of alternative sexualities.

We are interested in anything that has to do with unusual fetishes – objects, stories, pornography, erotica, websites, conversations – really, anything! Fetishes we don’t have much experience with include feet, fursuits, amputations, robots, dolls, balloons, tentacles, sneezing, crushing objects – but there are simply too many fetishes in the world for a comprehensive list.

We at the Leather Archives & Museum have plenty of experience with coming to terms with unusual sexual desires. Our goal is not to exoticize alternative sexuality, nor do we intend to shame anyone who discusses alternative sexuality with us. Our goal is to preserve the history of alternative sexuality – all alternative sexuality.

We respect your privacy. Anything you send us or tell us can be kept under your real name or a pseudonym, as you prefer.

The point person for this project is Clarisse Thorn, who can be reached by email at [ clarisse at leatherarchives dot org ]. You can also leave her a voice message if you call the Leather Archives at 773.761.9200.

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If you want to, take me

My consciousness awakes from dreams in which it was rollicking on snowy slopes. But where am I? Ah yes.

A freezing cold morning. Outside it’s looking grey. Will we get fresh snow?

‘Good morning,’ I murmur drowsily.

My beloved hears that I have woken up. He slides closer to me. I lift up my duvet, and he comes to lie right next to me, warm against warm.

I close my eyes again and put an arm over him.

But there is more. More than smiling morning side-by-side. I can feel it. He moves. He is restless. He seeks closer than close.

I ask him ‘Do you want to ask something?’

The answer comes.

He says softly ‘If you want to, take me.’

And several things happen inside me at once.

For one thing, abstract joy. His word choice and what it represents. If you want to, take me. His talent for submission. That he says it.

While I’m still asking myself whether right now I want to take him or not, the answer already shows up. Like a wide field of glittering golden speckles, swimming from front to back through my perception, delight is let loose in my brain.

I bend over him to kiss him, so good.

Lust unfurls within my body. There he is, this wonderful man. He will do what I want. I stretch, prop up my upper body on my arms.

At the same time part of my thought pursues logistic questions: It’s so cold! Close window and turn on heating. Did we bring condoms and lubricant? We did. So, probably no skiing this morning. Perhaps in the afternoon? We’ll see. If I should feel like beating him, we didn’t bring anything though, did we? Sure, we have my hairbrush.

I want to see all of him. Now. I have to tell him to take off his t-shirt.

And arousal and desire and fondness and planning of mundane details awaken, all at the same time.

Copyright (C) Ranai Pahav 2011

Wenn du willst, nimm mich auf Deutsch

Wenn du willst, nimm mich

Mein Bewusstsein erwacht aus Träumen, in denen es sich auf schneebedeckten Hängen austobte. Wo bin ich denn? Ah ja.

Ein frostklirrender Morgen. Draußen sieht es grau aus. Wird es Neuschnee geben?

“Guten Morgen,” murmele ich schlaftrunken.

Mein Geliebter hört, dass ich wach bin. Er rutscht näher zu mir. Ich hebe meine Bettdecke an, und er legt sich direkt neben mich, warm an warm.

Ich schließe meine Augen noch mal und legen einen Arm über ihn.

Doch da ist noch mehr. Mehr als lächelndes morgendliches Nebeneinander. Ich merke es. Er ist unruhig. Es treibt ihn. Er sucht näher als nah.

Ich frage ihn “Willst du was fragen?”

Die Antwort kommt.

Er sagt leise “Wenn du willst, nimm mich.”

Und mehreres geschieht in mir auf einmal.

Zum einen abstraktes Glück. Seine Wortwahl und was dahinter steht. Wenn du willst, nimm mich. Sein Talent zur Unterwerfung. Dass er es sagt.

Während ich mich noch frage, ob ich ihn denn gerade nehmen will oder nicht, kommt in mir schon die Antwort. Wie ein weites Feld glitzernder goldener Punkte, das von vorne nach hinten durch meine Wahrnehmung schwimmt, wird in meinem Gehirn das Entzücken losgelassen.

Ich beuge mich über ihn, ihn zu küssen, so gut.

Es breitet sich die Lust in meinem Körper aus. Da ist er, dieser wundervolle Mann. Er wird machen, was ich will. Ich strecke mich, richte meinen Oberkörper auf meinen Armen auf.

Gleichzeitig geht ein Teil meines Denkens logistischen Fragen nach: Ist das kalt! Fenster zu machen und Heizung aufdrehen. Haben wir Kondome und Gleitmittel mitgenommen? Haben wir. Heute Vormittag ist dann wohl nichts mit Skifahren. Vielleicht nachmittags? Mal schauen. Falls ich Lust bekommen sollte, ihn zu schlagen, haben wir aber nichts dabei, oder? Doch, meine Haarbürste.

Ich will ihn ganz sehen. Jetzt. Ich muss ihm sagen, dass er sein T-Shirt ausziehen soll.

Und Erregung und Begehren und Zuneigung und banale Detailplanung erwachen, alles gleichzeitig.

Copyright (C) Ranai Pahav 2011

If you want to, take me in English

Scuba and Skin

On the shaded enclosed veranda of the small guest house, two figures were lying side by side on their backs. Both wore sunglasses, even though the overhanging awning held off the glare of the afternoon sun. Kaito could smell the aloe lotion on Yuki’s skin. She had put on a short beach dress of lime green cotton. In the privacy of their small patio, he had merely slipped into a pair of shorts and left his upper body uncovered.

After their return, Kaito had washed his diving suit in clear water. It was now hanging to dry in the warm breeze next to his fins, their bathing towels and a couple of t-shirts. Inside the suitcases other accessories waited, snorkels for skin diving, badminton rackets, lots of condoms, coils of nylon rope… you never knew.

After their transit from the main island, this morning had been the first day of their vacation spent in the water, and the first open ocean diving experience ever for Yuki. Consequently, they were planning to take it easy the following day. Take a walk. Enjoy the gentle climate of the island. Stand on the shore, watching their shadows lengthen. After giving their bodies a day to recover, they would go out again with their respective diving groups. Better go slowly, Kaito had insisted, than risk headaches or worse.

‘And,’ Yuki asked him, ‘was it worth setting out before sunrise for a chance to encounter sea turtles?’

Kaito recalled the round silhouettes of slowly swimming amphibians, visible against sunlit water overhead. He smiled. ‘It was awesome. If we come out here again some other time, and you are more experienced, I think you’d enjoy it too.’

‘Mmmm. Perhaps. And when extreme lounging becomes an Olympic discipline, sign me up.’ She licked the slightly grey-peppered hair on his temple, caught some of them between her front teeth and pulled. A low rumble of pleasure rose from Kaito’s chest.

‘It’s true,’ Yuki told him, ‘I was amazed how far we can see underwater here. There were only small fishes around where we went in, which was fine with me, I can tell you. All those colours! I still see them all around me when I close my eyes.’

‘The people at the dive shop are nice,’ he observed.

‘They are,’ assented Yuki. ‘And their rental equipment was really easy to use.’

‘If you get the hang of this after a few trials, you could think about buying your own wetsuit that fits you perfectly.’

‘Yes… if things continue like today, I guess you’ve got me hooked.’

‘Hah, I bet you already marked the suit you wore as yours!’

‘How’s that?’

‘Didn’t you piss in it?’

He felt Yuki’s body vibrate with laughter beside him. ‘I did! How did you know? I pissed almost immediately after we went down. I figured, what the heck, it’s the ocean, not a lousy pool.’

Kaito grinned. ‘It’s the pressure as you descend that does it. My very first diving instructor told me that there were only two kinds of divers: Those who piss in their wetsuits, and those who lie.’

‘I like that! Oh no, it seems my instructor back home kept all the important information from us!’ Still laughing, Yuki stretched languidly and raised her arms, placing her hands under her head. Kaito inhaled the sweet aroma of her sweat. ‘So,’ she wondered aloud, ‘how many more times do I visit the fishes before I grow webs between my toes?’

‘You want me to check if they are already there?’ Kaito asked.

Yuki nodded, a smile of anticipation forming on her lips. Caressing her feet was an art Kaito was developing to perfection. It never ceased to fascinate her how those sensations would travel upwards through her entire body up to the very top of her head, calling forth that familiar rush inside her skull behind the ears. Sensing Kaito move and sit up beside her, she lazily settled into – ‘Hey!’

He looked up from the beautifully shaped foot between his hands. Oh no. Yuki was not smiling any more. She had splayed her fingers palm down and was tilting her hand from side to side in the ‘Something is wrong’ diver’s signal. He hadn’t scraped her with his teeth, had he?

With a frown, Yuki took off her sunglasses. ‘I mean, look at us. If I allow you to kiss my feet, are you supposed to grab a leg and pull it over the other to the side into your lap? So that you can comfortably sit while I do some sort of snake woman contortion?’

He carefully placed her leg on the mat again. ‘I’m sorry, Yuki. That was very rude. I won’t do it again. I guess I am so infatuated with your feet that my brain took a shortcut. But that’s no excuse.’

‘Short circuit maybe?’ She shook her head. ‘Try again,’ she instructed her beloved.

Kaito moved to sit in seiza on his heels before the mat. He bent down to lick the underside of one big toe, then the other. He gently held her left foot between his hands and exhaled, a familiar wave of feelings washing over him. As he ran the tip of his tongue over the sensitive toes, he could feel slow tremors starting to run through Yuki’s body. As always, having her feet kissed made her horny.

‘Mmmm. Much better. By the way, did you say your neoprene suit is going to be dry again by tonight?’

He looked down into her dark brown eyes, lit by a mischievous sparkle. ‘Probably,’ Kaito confirmed. ‘Why?’

‘Because you are going to spend the night in it. On your back, tied to the bed.’

With his lips closing around her toe, he closed his eyes. He felt his cock move and stiffen in anticipation of lying with his entire body enveloped and bound. And, if he knew Yuki at all, stimulated repeatedly to moaning frustration inside his sweaty prison, and left to twitch and writhe in vain.

He sighed.

‘And if I can find any in an island shop, some fresh, burning wasabi or shoga in strategic places to keep you company.’


‘Yes, Kaito? You have a comment?’

Staring down into her face, Kaito observed drily ‘Other than hoping that any and all shops and restaurant kitchens on the island are out of horseradish and ginger?’ As she raised her eyebrows in mock enquiry, he bent down to place another kiss on the bridge of her foot. ‘None, Yuki. I am yours.’

He heard her sigh with contentment. Almost imperceptibly her legs opened further, sending a hint of her arousal into his widened nostrils.

Suddenly Kaito came to think that if she was planning to have him fixed on his back, with everything tightly covered in neoprene except the face, maybe she would take advantage of the situation and let him taste her as she rode the waves…

Copyright (C) Ranai Pahav 2006


Author’s note:

It’s summer here, with all its joys. So I’m reposting this romantic summer holidays vignette about Yuki and Kaito I wrote some time ago.It was the result of a challenge I made to myself to write something with a summer outdoors theme, with someone lovingly kissing someone’s feet in it (which, for us, unlike the protagonists here, is just a minor side interest), erotic DS (because the ‘I am yours’ thing gets me any time), love and happiness.

Out of nowhere

There it happened again.

The contour of his throat rose in her line of sight. She reached over and touched the Adam’s apple with two fingers.

His hands moved in reflex. The movement was checked. He pressed them down next to his body. Ever so slightly, he raised his chin.

Lazy afternoon in the sun lying side by side on the covers, contracting in an instant. A pull of white desire between her clitoris and solar plexus. All things outside them faded to nothing, her consciousness poured into their halo.

She scrambled to sit on top of him, his hips between her thighs, and pulled his shirt up. She lay an ear on his heart, his curls caressing her face as she listened to its acceleration. Raising her head again, she looked into his open eyes. She made her nostrils flare as she inhaled.

He responded by moving his hands together, trapping them under his body. His head turned sideways, he raised his chin all the way and bared his throat to her.

It pulled her down, flooding her with tenderness and yearning to destroy. With closed incisors, she touched his Adam’s apple, touched once more in an impression of a bite, pulled away and snapped her teeth together. The sound made him flinch, and she felt the swift jerk of his body between her legs.

She took his face between her hands. Again they regarded each other. Her eyes opened up, showed the abyss, showed everything to him, her prey and accomplice.

Her teeth bared, she snarled. A dry, rasping noise.

They knew: anything could happen.

Copyright (C) Ranai Pahav 2010

Aus dem Nirgendwo auf Deutsch

Empty hand?