Little Submissions by Jerry Jones (Vague)


There is a fiction writer I would like to recommend. Jerry Jones (Vague) writes erotic stories with themes of consensual kink.

Little Submissions, Jerry Jones (Vague).
Short stories with a female domination and male submission theme.

You will read of honest and open-hearted masochism and sadism. Intimate conspiracy. Devotion. Love. Even when we just see a glimpse of their interaction, the dom in a story comes across as a whole, three-dimensional woman, the sub as a whole, three-dimensional man. Sometimes there’s just a simple gesture that goes right to the heart. Sometimes the characters engage in elaborately set up games. The games are rigged, of course. It’s sadomasochism. Voluntary unfairness.

There is snarling and crying and screams. There is laughter. There is companionable silence. Things don’t always go as planned. They’re people, not SM bots.

Not unlike a kink bingo player, the author uses a cornucopia of creative ideas with joyful curiosity. There is a large story archive to discover.

Story codes are: F/m, consensual.
It’s so much more than this.


Dieser Text auf Deutsch

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